It’s Monday… Again!

Today I woke up with a painful stiff neck and the idea of going to work was litterally the last desire in my head.
I crawled out of my bed and I hoped a warm shower was the right choice to increase at least my motivation… It didn’t help! ๐Ÿ˜€

What really helped me, was the beard grooming moment I have every morning: opening my customized box (yeah, I will write soon a post about it and my drawing passion), the scent of different products and the typical gestures of a beard grower! ๐Ÿ™‚

Last night I was watching some videos about traditional shaving and the use of safety razors: I was focusing my attention on the different kind of shaving soaps, razors, blades, after-shaves… Well, shaving it’s already a difficult operation by itself and if you add the peculiarities of the skin, then you can imagine how complicated might the choice of the right products.
But if you just stop thinking about beard growing and grooming, it is not difficult to see similar “complications” and hurdles: patchy beards, shaping, flaking itching and irritations are just few examples of problems you might encounter after you take this decision.

That’s why an accurate and well structured daily beard care routine is really important.

picsart_02-06-02-39-10With this post I will just give a general and quick overview of the different aspects and moments of myย  personal daily procedure without going too much in depth. More specific post about products and techniques will be added in future! ๐Ÿ˜‰

The daily routine I am following (I am not an expert, so if you have any suggestion, please don’t hesitate to write it down and I will be more than happy) is the result of a bit of experience and is based on the different aspects of my everyday life.

I am a pharmaceutical chemistry PhD student and I spend most of the time in a chemistry lab: this requires daily showers (not in the lab!).
I play handball and I like going to the gym or for runs with consequent extra-showers.
My beard grows quite regularly and in a well distribute way (I know this is a lucky point and I can imagine you already hating me if you have an irregular one) but it’s really thick and strong.
In the past years I was always keeping it short and I wasn’t really taking into account the use of specific products: itching and irritated skins were quite frequent and a little bit of flaking was also annoying me (especially in summer or when I was really stressed). That’s why I decided to buy all the necessary “tools” when I took the decision to start growing a longer beard.

As you can see, different factors have to be taken into account, but don’t worry it will be easy to find the right way to organize your daily beard-moments! ๐Ÿ˜‰

So let’s start with the ALARM CLOCK !

a) Shower.
The morning shower is a must! If I dont take a shower I will never completely wake up and I will be in a “zombie-mode” for the rest of the day (well, to be honest sometimes it doesn’t work and I am in a “semi-zombie-mode”.
In the past I was washing my beard using the same sampoo I was using for my hair: this is not the best choice (soon you will read a post about shampoo and beard soap) so now I just use the warm water of the shower to clean my beard.

b) Beard finishing (if needed)
A well-shaped beard is a good beard! Shaving cream, razor and scissors are fundamental tools that you have to use whether you wanna go for fancy modelling or you just want to avoid hair pinting in all directions.

c) Beard wash.
This is one of my favourite moments! A deep and relaxing massage of my beard using specific soaps or shampoos (something I never did in the past!)… Amazing!

d) Towel-drying.
I hate hair driers but some people are using them to complete this operation (opinions and suggestions are more than welcome!).

e) Beard oil time!
This is the other moment I really love: the different scents of oil, the feeling of your beard getting soft and smooth… What else?

f) Combing/brushing
Perfect combination with the oil you just used; this step is really useful to teach you hair to grow in one single direction and it’s also important to give your beard a tidy and well-mantained aspect (technically girls will appreciate this! ๐Ÿ˜€ )

In case I have trainings or I decide to go to the gym or to go for a run, I will take a second shower of the day. Also in this case I try to avoid to use the hair-shampoo to wash my beard (I usually put the beard-soap in my bag).
After the second shower sometimes I go for a second oil-berd treatment or just use the brush.

When my beard was shorter I wasn’t using these precautions and I have to admit that now everything is way better. This routine helped me to reduce consistently any annoying problem and my beard has a better aspect (when skyping with my mom she was telling me to cut my beard as soon as it was 1 mm longer; in the last call she didn’t say anything, and I have never had a beard like now… So it works!) ๐Ÿ˜€

I can imagine this operations my seem complicated and difficult if you never did it before, but as soon as you will start, they will become so normal and pleasing that you will look forward to doing it!

As I said, I will post specific post for each operation and I’d like to talk about some specific products too!