Hello people!

First of all, sorry for the week of inactivity but it was a busy period: working hard, trining constantly in the gym and at the sport centre for the qualifications of Uni Champs.

As you know from the blog calendar, last weekend we played in Nottingham for the qualification phase of the Uni Champs trounament.
The draw was quite brutal for us and our group was definitely tough: Loughborough 1st (e really nice reality within the English handball), Lancaster, Liverpool John Moss and Nottingham 2nd.

We won 1 match out of 4 (against Nottingham 2nd) and this is absolutely not the result I was expecting to comment here in this blog.

The venue was amazing and the organization has been great (it was a pity that resin was not allowed and for this reason the game appeared a little bit “slower” than usual).

After a good start (10-5 win), we suffered a little bit.
I am definitely not happy with my performance during the first day: I struggled to find the right way of playing in attack (defensively was good) and the second match wasn’t the match we expected to play: a strong and solid Lancaster didn’t struggle too much to impose their rythm and their way of playing against us.

The second day started in a bad way since we lost 5-4 against Liverpool John Moss Uni: we played well, creating loads and loads of opportunities but the “scoring” last step was not that good: various missed penalties and many stepping in the area didn’t allow us to comeback and bring home the victory.
After this match the situation was critical: disappointment and rage were dominating.
I decided, being the captain, to arrange a meeting to talk: it helped to find back the right calm and mood for the final match of this really stressful and intense tournament.

In the last match (against Loughborough 1st) the positions were a little bit changed -I played as right wing- and we were able to mantain a strong team spirit and unity while playing against one of the best teams in this phase of Uni Champs.

It’s quite pointless to say this was not the result we wanted, but I think that negative events should be analysed to find the right things to change in order to improve.
We are qualified for the final phase of the championship tournament (there are three different final stages according to the position reached in the past phase) and we know we have to work hard to show what we can do and to compensate this unwanted 4th place in our group.

Note: matches were 25 minutes long (this can explain the low goals final results of our matches! 😀 )

Now the focus is already on the League (we a the next weekend free due to a rescheduled match) and to the hard work we need to do to carry on the good rythm we are keeping this season.

I will obviously keep you posted 😉

Thanks for rading this post and sorry for the “sad and cold” aspect of it: I am in love with handball and it’s not easy to talk about defeats 😉