Hey guys!

I was going to write a post about today match, but I am really happy to write it talking about a victory!

Yeah, today we won our 6 match in a row in the Midland League and we did it playing against an amazing team such as Warwick Handball, the leader of our championship!

I am really happy with our performance although it took a little bit of time before starting to show our best handball: at the begininning of the match, our opponents were showing us why they are at the top of the table.

The most important aspect of the game was the attack (something we struggled with in the last Uni Champs): the fast ball moving, good shooting and a great tactical organization were the key point for our lead during the whole match.

I spent most of the first half in the bench and I was really proud to see my team mates showing how hard we are working this year during the mid week training sessions: amazing goals from every positions and great saves from our keepers… What else?

In the second half I came up playing both as a centre back and left wing (the position I used to play in Italy when I was young) and I scored 5 goals.


2 goals came from the centre position, after two perfect passes from our backs that allowed me to go through nice gaps. The 3rd goal was a straight shot from the nine meters line after a fault, before their defence was able to re-organize.
But I have to admit that the 2 goals from the left wing are my favourite ones for this game: playing in that position was a proper throwback to the amazing matches in Italy many years ago!
I am also happy with my defensive performance: I was playing as a left wing, left back and also in the centre block.

Picture from our official Snapchat: uolhandball

This is our 6th victory in a row out of 7 played matches and I have to admit that, as the team captain, I am really proud of every single player: we practiced hard during the last two weeks and we were focused on bringing home another important win.
We did it and we did it in front of an amazing attendance that was supporting us during the entire matches… They were the real 8th man on the court today! THANKS GUYS!

Now the next match will be at home on Sturday the 11th of March and we will face Coventry, a strong and solid team that is doing really well.

IMPORTANT: do you want to watch today match?
Go on Facebook and put a Like on University of Lincoln Handball Club page… The match was streamed live and you can find it there!

Now,  I am going to cook a proper Italian meal to celebrate this important result  and then I will get a nice and deserved rest (I am old and I really need it! 😀 )

Thank you very much for reading this post and hope you will have a great weekend!