Back to beard!

It’s time to talk about one of the most important moment of your beard grooming routine: the brushing step.

Why do I need a brush?

A beard brush is an important tool since it will train your beard to grow in a tidy and ordered way: brushing will lead the hair to develop in the right and correct (tidy) way.

What kind of brush should I use?

There are many different types of brushes (different shapes, sizes, etc.) but the most important differences are based on two main aspects:

  • type of bristles
  • hardness of bristles

Boar bristles are the most common ones: of course this kind of beard brush is not suitable for vegans.

Vegan-friendly brushes are easy to find and they can be made of different varieties od bristels: synthetic bristles, plant derived bristles and so on.

Bristles can be soft or firm: the second ones are really useful when your beard is getting quite long and you need the go through the hair and organize them correctly.

When and how many times I have to brush my beard?

Brushing your beard is a beautiful experience and after you brush it, it feels amazing. Anyway, this operation (especially when you use a firm bristles brush) is really aggressive and you need to avoid excessive brushing. This could affect and damage the hair but also the skin: for this reason it is always suggested to brush your beard once a day (maximum twice, but not regularly) in order to avoid problems (first of all the ends might split).

There are different ideas about how to properly brush your beard: someone think it is better to oil up your beard and then brush it, many others don’t want to use a brush with beard products, someone else is brushing the beard as soon as they get up, other people love to do it after a shower.

In my case the brushing step is the final one of my morning routine before leaving home and it helps my beard to keep the nice and tidy shape I like.
During the day I use a wooden comb (we will talk about combs soon) to mantain the desired shape (also in this case, over combing is something to avoid!).

Whic brush does The Bearded Handballer use?

The brush I am actually using is a vegan friendly, ethical brush from the brand CEBRA.


The bristles are obtained from Sisal (agave sisalana), a typical plant from Mexico used for to produce many objects such as ropes, carpets, clothes, etc.

This oval shaped brush is made up of pearwood and the small dimension make this object really useful also if you have to travel a lot.

When using this brush, you don’t need to apply a strong pressure: the firm bristles can easily go trhough the hair and pull them in the desired direction.

As suggested by the producres, I never use water to clean it: it is quite easy to inspect the bristles and take out any hair in it (sometimes with the help of tweezers or forced air).

I have to admit that I am in love with this atypical (if you are used to boar ones) brush and I really appreciate the effect on my beard: after using it I can feel my beard really soft (thanks also to the use of specific products), tidy, clean and nicely shaped!

For the final part of this post, I want to share with you TWO IMPORTANT TIPS:

a) I never use the brushon dry beard: my beard is really thick and strong and I noticed that the use of these firm bristles are not suitable when the beard is completely dry.

b) whatever the bristles you use are, keep your brush upside down (with the bristles pointing upward) in order to avoid to ben them!

I hope this post will be useful for you and of course if you have any suggestion or question just comment this post.

I would like to know what kind of brush you use and how you locate the brushing moment in your daily beard routine! 😉