The Bearded Handballer

Looking at the world from a bearded point of view

Who’s the bearded handballer?

Hello and welcome to The Bearded Handballer!

I know, the name might sound a bit weird and unusual, but let me introduce myself and everything will make sense.

Who’s “The Bearded Handballer”?As you can assume by reading the name of this blog, yes I have a beard (and half of the name is pretty much exaplained!). Moreover, my favourite sport is Handball, a very unconventional but outstanding sport that I’ve been playing for 16 years. Considering that I had to found a name to couple with the bearded adjective, this is the one I picked! 🙂
I might spend thousands and thousands of words talking and explaining it but this is not something that shouldn’t be done in here… Follow my blog and you may find some interesting posts about it one day!

Now that the “mystery of the name” has been solved, let’s talk about this blog.

Why “The Bearded Handballer?” When I decided to start a blog, I knew I did not have a suitable background. Yes, I am a scientist but not in the field of informatics, communications or whatever is needed to success in the modern “social media reality”. Nevertheless, I thought “Why not?” and here you can find the product of my decision!

What’s in “The Bearded Handballer”? In this blog I will share with you my beard grooming experiences and tips. In fact, I really like trying and analysing (from a “scientific” point of view) new products, experiencing new method for the beard care and explore all the different aspects of a very interesting world: the world of the beards! In all my post you will find my personal opinions: feel free to comment them or contact me for any question, suggestion or advice!
I am also a great Nature Lover so you will also find records, pics or stories about my trips, adventures, etc.

When in “The Bearded Handballer”? As I said above, I am not a professional blogger and this is just a way to spend nice time online with other people who want to share their bearded life. For this reason, I cannot post stories, reviews or articles regularly. Let’s say that I will try my best to keep this space active. Of course, feel free to follow me on Instagram (thebeardedhandballer) and you will be updated!

There are so many other things to add, but you’ll find them in the various posts!

I just want to say Thank you again for visiting me and I hope you will find this blog useful and, above all, enjoyable!

The Bearded Handballer